Frequently Asked Questions

Is it simple?
Yes, it's quite simple...just complete and ship your
product or service, send your original invoice to OCF,
and receive a payment from OCF by wire or direct deposit,
generally within 24 hours.

Do I have to factor every invoice?
No, you may pick and choose when and which
invoices are factored.

Can I factor all my invoices?
OCF buys all credit worthy commercial invoices
(using credit sources such as Experian,
Dun and Bradstreet and your own trade references).

How big is my advance?
Up to 100% of the invoice, less OCF fees.

Does OCF inform my customers I am
factoring their invoices?

OCF sends a promotional letter explaining you are
a growing company and to serve customers better,
you have engaged our services.

Does OCF confirm my invoices with my customers?
We call and ensure invoice terms and try to
obtain a sense of pay dates with accounts.
We honor the relationship you have with your customers and treat them with respect.

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